Course Evaluations

UNC Asheville uses Online Course Evaluations (now SmartEvals) to conduct evaluations of teaching each semester. The system is secure and assures the annonymity of the student responses. Using an online system provides faculty with access to their evaluations and comments shortly after each semester ends. It also allows access to previous semesters' evaluations and comments.

Timing of Evaluations

Evaluations are conducted during the final week of regular classes each fall and spring.

Accessing the Evaluation System

Access the UNC Asheville course evaluation system (login required). Each semester faculty receive an email with a reminder of their system-generated password. If faculty members create their own password within the Evaluation system, it is retained by the system and is not overridden by the system password.

Courses that are Evaluated

In general, all courses are evaluated, except:

  • Labs and recitations that have the same instructor for both the lecture and lab/recitation, i.e. Math 101.001 - Smith and Math 101.0L1 - Smith
  • Classes with < 6 students. Cross-listed sections, such as those in Art, will be determined based on the combined enrollment of the cross-listed classes.

Please consult the Faculty Handbook for guidance on requirements for evaluating courses.

Actions for Faculty Prior to the Evaluation Period

Faculty will receive an email each semester requesting that they log on to the Course Evaluation system to check their course listing and assigned evaluation forms for accuracy. Faculty may also create and add questions that are specific to their course.

Checking the Course Listing and Evaluation Forms

When you log on, you should see your list of courses, with the current semester's courses at the top. You may also use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the current semester. Additionally, the current courses will have Add Qs as an option in the far left column. If a course is missing or a lab, recitation, or individual course has been included (in error), please contact with Course Evaluation in the subject line.

There are four evaluation forms available.  These forms are assigned based on whether the course is Writing Intensive, Quantitative Intensive, both, or neither. You can see the form that is assigned to a course by clicking Preview in the column that is 2nd from the left. The forms are:

  • A base form with automatic NA responses for both the Writing and Quantitative questions.
  • A WI form with responses possible for the Writing question but an automatic NA for the Quantitative question.
  • A QI form with responses possible for the Quantitative question but an automatic NA for the Writing question.
  • A WI and QI form with responses possible for both the Writing and Quantitative questions.

Adding Questions

If you added questions in previous semesters and specified that you wanted to use them for all courses in the future, you should see a list of those in the Add Questions screen at the bottom. If you want to add new questions:

  •  Click on the Add Qs link to the left of the course listing
  •  Click Edit on the next screen
  •  Click on the Add Questions button
  •  Choose the Question Type at the top drop-down menu - either Text (for open-ended questions) or Numeric for others.
  •  Follow the instructions for each box, including selecting a scale for the numeric.  In general, it is easier to add open-ended Text questions.
  •  Important: If you have added a question and want to add more, you may need to click on the green plus sign that shows in the Add Q's column of your previously added questions.

When you are finished, select Preview by the course to see the questions you added. You may have to go back and edit the question until you have it set up the way you would like.