How do I know when school is closed or on a late schedule? Where do I find the late schedule?

An announcement will be made on the UNC Asheville homepage. The late schedule is posted on the registrar's website.

How do I request a transcript?

The way you request a transcript is different depending on whether you are a current students or a former student.

How do I know when to withdraw and when to drop a course or courses?

The academic calendar provides dates you are eligible to drop or withdraw. You can drop/add courses via One Port during the drop/add period. You need to complete a withdrawal form for each course from which you wish to withdraw during the following withdrawal period. This form has to be signed and then you can bring it to the One Stop office. One thing to consider when withdrawing from courses is whether or not you can receive any amount of refund. To determine if you get a refund, you can go to the Controller's website to see the current semesters' tuition, room, and board information.

What if I need to drop all my courses this semester or take a semester off?

The answer to this question depends on when you decide or realize that you need to complete this action.  If you know in advance that you need to take a semester off, you fill out the Enrollment Notification Form. If you realize that you need to drop all of your courses after the first 5 days of the semester, you need to complete a form to exit from the university. If it is after the withdrawal period, you will need to complete a Late Withdrawal Petition and get the applicable signatures as well as a Medical Statement form if applicable.

Where do I go when I need academic help?

The unversity has the Joseph Parsons Math Lab and the Writing Center for those specific areas.  If you need help in a different academic area or with study skills, you can check out the tutoring services available through Learning Support Services. If you are a student with a disability, you also have disability services available through the Office of Academic Accessibility to help you in addition to other services.

Can I take courses online through UNC Asheville?

There are very few online UNC Asheville courses available to current UNC Asheville students. Available courses are listed in the class schedule. Distance Education courses are available for non-degree seeking students working on their lateral entry teaching license. Online courses are also available at other schools through the UNC system at UNC Online. Students wishing to take courses through UNC Online are strongly advised to read the Policies for UNC Asheville Students carefully before requesting approval.

What if I cannot locate an answer on your FAQ pages?

If you cannot locate an answer on our FAQ pages, please submit your question via our email form. Your question will be emailed to our One Stop email account to be answered at the email you provide on the form. We will also consider whether your question might be a good addition to our FAQ page for future users.