Parents' FAQ

We want to welcome you and your son or daughter to UNC Asheville! We've provided answers below to some of the most common questions parents have as they assist their student in their college experience. We will continue to add information, so if you have a suggested question or topic, please let us know at

How will my student know which classes to take?

New students attend embark orientations to learn about the overall curriculum and processes for registration.  When students sign up for embark, we ask them to indicate their top two academic areas of interest.  Based on this information we pre-enroll them into 7-11 semester hours of classes that are appropriate for those fields of study.  During orientations they will have an opportunity to add additional classes.

Will my student be assigned to an advisor?

All students are assigned a faculty advisor when they arrive on campus to start the semester. Students meet with their advisor at least once a semester to discuss classes, possible major, academic support, and other academic opportunities.

What if a class my student wants to take is closed?

If a class is closed, students have several options. If the class has a wait-list, students are given the option of signing onto the waitlist in OnePort. They will be notified if there is an opening via their email account. They only have 24 hours after the email is sent to register or the class opening will be available to the next student. Another option is to email the instructor asking if they are willing to overload the class, but for most lower-level classes, instructors will request that the student come to the first class meeting to see if there is space.

How does the University communicate important information to the students?

UNC Asheville offices use students' UNC Asheville email account to communicate with students. It is important for students to develop the habit of checking their University email account several times a day for important information from their instructors and other UNC Asheville offices. Each semester's bill is an example of important information that is sent to each student's University email account.

Can I get updates from faculty regarding my student's grades?

Due to the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), the university cannot release information about a student's educational record, including academic, financial aid, and student account information without the written consent of the student. Students are transitioning into adulthood during college and it is a good time for them to further develop their abilities to assume responsibility, seek assistance, and solve the problems that will inevitably arise. During these years, parents have the opportunity to become excellent coaches and advisors.