What are the main changes to the Withdrawal Policy?

  • The withdrawal deadline has moved from the end of the 9th week to the end of the 6th week of classes in a regular semester.  Summer and Term courses will have similar deadlines and may be found on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students will be limited to a total of three (3) course withdrawals during their enrollment at UNC Asheville.
  • Students who withdraw from all classes must schedule an appointment in OneStop prior to registering or re-enrolling in future semesters.
  • Petitions for Late Withdrawals must provide: (1) documentation of an emergency beyond the student's control, (2) evidence that the student was actively attending and participating in the class(es), and (3) evidence that the student was submitting all assignments and passing the class, prior to the emergency situation. 

How does the limit of three (3) withdrawals affect current students?

All students, current, new, and returning, will be limited to three (3) course withdrawals during their enrollment, beginning with the Fall 2012 semester.  Students who already have withdrawals on their records will be limited to three (3) additional withdrawals.  

Why did the university change the withdrawal policy?

  • We want students to enroll in and complete their classes.  The number of withdrawals each semester has grown to the equivalent of 40 classes.  Students need to register for classes that they plan to complete. 
  • Withdrawals hours count toward Tuition-Surcharge hours.  Having a policy that allowed an unlimited number of withdrawals was not consistent with assisting students in graduating with 120-140 semester hours.  More information on the Tuition Surcharge.
  • Withdrawals may affect students' eligibility for Financial Aid.  To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid, students must meet two criteria: (1) their GPA must be at least 2.0, and (2) they must successfully complete at least 67% of their attempted hours.  More information on Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

Why do I need an appointment through OneStop if I withdrew from all of my classes?

Meeting with a University staff member will help students assess the reasons for their withdrawal and ensure that those same reasons will not interfere with their ability to succeed in their re-enrollment. 

What should I do if I register for a class and I am having difficulty learning the material?

Before you make the decision to use one of your three withdrawals, you should:

  • Make certain you are attending all classes and completing all assignments, such as readings, homework problems or quizzes, etc. 
  • Talk with the instructor of the class for suggestions and assistance,
  • Use all learning resources available:  Writing Center, Math Assistance Center, Departmental Tutorials, and/or Peer Tutoring,
  • Contact a OneStop advisor to discuss your situation.  They can assist you with learning resources and/or help you evaluate your study methods. 

What are examples of Emergency Situations that would be considered for a Late Withdrawal Petition?

  • Serious illness that is sudden and lasts more than a few days.
  • A death in the immediate family.

In all cases, students must provide documentation that supports the emergency and their instructors must verify that they were actively attending and passing the class.  It is unlikely that students who have extensive absences and/or whose estimated grade is failing will be approved for Late Withdrawals.